Thursday, 27 May 2010


Bridie was quick off the mark sending in these 2 photos, so I've been able to squeeze them on before the next items and keep the Pola-Cola theme going a bit longer.
The top photo with the wall mural ad was taken in Maitland Street.
This was just a stone's throw away from Barrie's in Albert Street, and quite a distance away from their own place in Corso Street. Just wonder if they put it there to taunt their city rivals?!
And great to see the Pola-Cola ad in colour on the tray. There can't be many of them on the go these days.
A wee observation - this was also a good few years before Cresta came up with the idea of using a polar bear to advertise their soft drink. Remember the "It's Frothy Man" TV commercials?!
Big thanks to Bridie


  1. The Maitland Street one could have had something to do with Fred's Icecream Factory that was up the top of Maitland Street before moving to Faraday St. The vans used to sell lemonade.

  2. Paris Hulltoon27 May 2010 at 06:59

    I'm only in my mid-20s and can remember the Pola Cola mural in Stoabie.

  3. On the mural in says 'POLK'. What does that mean? Also, changed days, if you had a mural like this now the cooncul would come knocking at your door and tell you to paint over it or get reported to the polis!

  4. "Backhander",when Coca Cola began being advertised as "Coke",Robertsons jumped on the bandwagon by calling Pola Cola Polk".It didn't last.They also had another big seller copied,they called their product "Iron Brew".

  5. that mural was on the side of the Casanova ice cream factory (or Fred Ianetta's as the earlier poster said) Fantastic ice cream, much loved and much missed.

  6. I don't remember ever seeing Pola-cola in bottles where I lived in Dennistoun, Glasgow in the early 70's but the shop across from our primary school sold it in a sort of plastic (I think) blue container shaped like a sort of bullet/missile. They froze them too and were a top seller in the summer months after a game of football.