Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Scottish folk duo, The Petermen, were Mike Petrie from Glasgow and Vic Peterson from Dundee.
They formed in 1967 when Vic was only 17, not long after leaving Kirkton High, it would seem.
You can read a wee bit about them above, which is taken from the back of their album cover.
They made only the one album, released in 1968, but managed to recruit the services of The Strawbs as session musicians in the process!
It was a short lived venture however, as the 2 split in 1969.
In the early 70's, Vic teamed up with Diana Shearer and formed Juniper Green, cut a couple of albums and were stars of Opportunity Knocks!
Getting back to The Petermen though, here below is quite an amusing track from the album. It's called "The Buildings" and is about being forcibly evicted from your home. What's funny about it is the fact that it having been recorded in the 60's, they mention getting kicked out of their tenements to move into the "new" multi's that were springing up - but of course nowadays, it's the people in multi's who are being kicked out.
Michty meh!!


  1. I new them when they had the name Vic and Diane before they became Juniper Green. I have an old Oscar Teller folk guitar that used to belong to Vic. It was made in 1964 and I got it in 1969 from Forbes along the Nethergate. Don't know can't remember what he traded it in for but it still has a beautiful sound. I played folk music around the clubs and pubs in Dundee and surrounds from 1967 till 1971.
    Chic Brady ex Powries and Then U Folk.

    1. Another Oscar Teller Chic
      This guitar had a sad end,i swapped it for a Levin
      My brother in law's kids ended up using it as a cricket bat,shame
      vic peterson ex Petermen,Juniper Green