Monday, 13 September 2010


This was a really cool gig to be at - Echo & The Bunnymen at the Marryat Hall on 4 May 1982.
It was the final stop in a mini tour of Scotland that kind of went off the beaten track and under the radar of the mainstream music press.
Those in the know, however, were treated to a very relaxed performance from the band, sometimes seeming like they were still in rehearsal mode!
There are a few photos up on Flickr from this very gig...
here's a link - Bunnymen in Dundee
Also on the same night was a new local band called, Just Little Boys.
The snappy review above comes from Dundee fanzine, The Voice.
It's a brief account of their moment on stage which they say was a rather indifferent, uninspired set, getting a big thumbs down as a consequence. The reviewer also seems to think their singer, Jackie McPherson, was in the line-up more or less for eye candy purposes!
Strangely, I can't remember anything whatsoever of Just Little Boys.
I wasn't "too drunk" because I can recall the Bunnymen ok.
I didn't arrive "too late" because I can recall all the dancing to the records played over the PA, before the show.
So was it that the band were indeed "too dull" to register?
Can anybody put in a good word for them?
You may need to enlarge the review to read.


  1. Was that female singer not newsreader Jackie Bird perhaps under her then maiden name? Strangely her Wiki entry lists her as having been a backing singer with Echo and the Bunnymen. As for being eye candy - well each to their own!

  2. Yeah, McPherson is now Bird.
    She was quite a nice looking "bird" back in her Street Level days. Denim dungarees and all!

  3. One thing I do remember from the Bunnymen gig was when Will Sergeant strapped on his Vox Teardrop guitar and delicately played it with tender loving care.
    Fast forward to 2006 and I went to see Will's solo project, Glide, a night of trippy techno. Halfway through his set he placed his guitar on top of a table and proceeded to wallop it with a cane!
    Wasn't his precious Vox mind you!

  4. I bought a fender 12 string electric after seeing Will playing on top of the pops (maybe the tube), the solo on "Killing Moon" was amazing ! but, it sits in a corner gathering dust as it to fucking hard to tune! bit of a contradiction coming from me !

  5. I missed the gig in Dundee in '82 and drove up to Aviemore to see them on their tour. I don't remember any backing group but was a bit pissed up.

  6. Just Little Boys were influenced by the early synth bands. Originally they consisted of three guys on synths, Guy Gayford who worked in Forbes music shop next to the Deeep Sea, Stuart ? and another. The lead singer was called Steve ? who dressed a bit like Steve Strange. Near the time of the Bunnymen gig the singer was sacked and Jackie McPherson was brought on board.I think it was a case of her being foisted on them and they would make the big time. She didn't fit in with the band or their image and as the article said they looked awkward with her out front.I think Guy went on to promote some illegal raves and Stuart went on to work in studios in Dundee. Think most of the above is correct but it was 28 years ago.

  7. Stuart in the band could have been Stuart Firm.

  8. Would love to hear recordings by Just Little Boys, Grey Approach or similar bands, in case someone can help.

  9. I joined Just Little Boys soon after that one off concert with Jackie and replaced the bass synth player, I cant remember his name but he was short. Stuarts girlfriend was also a keyboard player in the band. We stuck together practicing for a month or two but were dumped by our manager and could no longer use the seagate studios. Soon after that Stuart and Guy had a bust up about two days before our next gig, Guy then sold half the stuff in his flat to buy some second hand tape decks. We tried to record all the parts but it was a sh*t-fu*k. We pulled the plug and that was the end of JLB.

  10. Also I did have recordings, if I ever find them Ill put them up on youtube.

  11. Hi there, The band consisted of Guy Gayford, Jimmy Keo, Stuart Firm, Leslie (Can't remember his surname, he was our lead singer and performed at the Echo and the Bunnymen Concert) and me Marion Ahlfeld. I was the girlfriend of Stuart Firm.