Wednesday, 29 September 2010


It's The Junkies again - only this time in glorious technicolour!
We've had a bit of a confab behind the scenes as to where the band may have been entertaining the masses on this occasion, and think we found a clue - the rock posters on the wall !
Based on this evidence, we've all agreed to half guess that it may be the Centre Bar - the wee alcove area beside the stairs.
If anyone begs to differ - fire away!
The downside to the photo is that Maggie died quite a while ago.
A guess as to when the photo was taken, well one of the posters in the background is for UFO, and they played the Caird Hall in 1980, so it could possibly be from around that time.
Thanks again to Drew Ramsay


  1. Haha I used to have that very same Rainbow poster on my bedroom wall!

  2. Would be a great gig to get these bands together for a Retro-ista style night at say, the Marryatt.
    Skeets, Sweden, Rainmates, The Grip et al ,(oops nearly forgot The Scroteys) and the Penny Daintees.
    D.J. would ideally be Ned ( sadly nae chance of that.) Compered by (insert own fave here)
    All proceeds to D.F.C.

  3. Yes its the bar below Junction 9. Great ideas about the retro dundee gig. That would be some christmas party. All those bands and Jock DJing. Bring it on!!!

  4. anybody remember the Junkies 'New York Dolls Farewell Christmas Gig' with the Ayatolla of Rockandrolla(Dave Lee) doin the disco at Tayside bar in May can't remember the year but the whole place was decked out in christmas decorations and was absolutely packed out mad night!

  5. I remember the gig in question, but not too many details. I mind o' loads o' tinsel everywhere though. Did they actually go by the name of New York Dolls that night? Must have been about 84.

  6. Hey Mr Action! is that the famous Junkies drummer Robert Hunter? if so hello there.....and yes we did pack the place out, Xmas in May hahaha! great fun

  7. ah,fame at last! boys. : ) lots of love billy shaw x