Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Here's a cosy wee scene from 1968 - pop group, Amen Corner, are cornered by 3 Dundee fans, Sheena Doig, Pat Brown and Dorothy Patterson.
The band were regulars in the charts in the late 60's, but this photo was taken a year before their only #1 hit "If Paradise is...", a classic piece of pop.
Despite the group's success, they split around 1970ish and vocalist Andy Fairweather Low (far left) went solo. In fact I'm sure somebody told me earlier this year that Andy was performing in Dundee.
Not sure which venue the band played in 1968 though - the Top Ten Club perhaps?


  1. Another possible venue could be the old Ice Rink as they did play there at some point as part of a package tour with others.

  2. Might be wrong but didnt Amen Corner play at same time in Dundee as Love Affair. Stevie Ellis left fashion statement in Dundee that got evryone grannies busy.

  3. I've no idea. That's what I'm trying to find out. I'd need one of the older Dundee guys to answer that, me being only 10 when all this was going on!

  4. Hi
    I can definately remember the Amen corner, love affair and I think Geno Washington's band and the Herd, all part of a night in the old ice rink. 1967\8 would be about right I think.
    Sticks in my mind because I wasn't allowed to go because I had committed some crime or other.