Monday, 27 September 2010


Pete Hood shares a chubby with The Rainmates for an interview he did with them in September 1988.
The duo were - Alison Burns, vocals, and Derek Thomson on keyboard.
They originally started off doing session work for Danny Wilson before teaming up together as The Rainmates.
They'd only been on the go for a few months at the time of this interview but even then had high hopes for commercial success in the future.
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  1. Saw them twice (Bar Chevrolet and I think a charidee gig at the big fish). Ace wee band did a great Stevie Wonder cover....possibly Star??

    Danny Steel

  2. Aye, saw them at those Chevy's gigs too, good power pop as I recall. Derek's a teacher at the johnnies and I see Alison's a candidate for the lib dems in Dundee now.

  3. Met them in Oblimov's next to the Uni around 90 when they were looking for a drummer. Didn't happen due to musical difference - Derek asked me if what I thought of Abba. Still have a C90 Demo tape somewhere that they gave me! I used to play it in the car quite a bit. They wrote some decent songs.