Saturday, 4 September 2010


Here's a blitz of bike ads from 1966.
On top is another of the low frame designs - the Dawes Kingpin.
Under it is an ad for Gamages new Sportsman cycle. This is similar to the kind of bike I had back then. A bit old style compared to a lot of the more radical designs that were taking over, but still had lots of fun on it though.
Next is an advert for the Cyclo Sport P2 Gear. These were usually to be found on racers, a bit like the one next to it in the Vindec ad.
Where would we be without the good old puncture repair outfit? The kit in the ad being by Romac. Well the thing about taking a repair kit with you on cycling trips was, if you got a flat tyre a way out in the countryside, where were you supposed to get a basin of water from?!
Finally, a wee luxury item - the Lucas Cyclometer. You had to cycle around the block quite few times before it would go up 1 notch!

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