Thursday, 30 September 2010


This is the final item in the present music theme that's been running for the past few weeks, so thought I'd bring it to a close with a big burst of rock 'n' roll pyrotechnics!
The history of Lixx covers most of the 80's, throughout which were many line-up changes - the exception being the band's 2 linchpins - Jo Doll on vocal and Steevo on drums.
They began their glam metal journey as the Dum Dum Boys in 1983, which included a debut gig at the Tayside Bar.
They added a touch of Gothic darkness to their sound in 1984 when they changed their name to Circus Of Hell. One gig at the Bowling Alley saw them play alongside The Glitter Band!
Still in 84, the short dabble into Goth was ditched and they got back on the glam rock trail when they became Lixx, gigging at new venues in town like Fat Sams.
They moved to Edinburgh in 1986, settled for the longer lasting line-up of Jo, Steevo, Stuart on bass and Nazz on guitar and started touring up & down the country in true rock band tradition - yes it was the transit van and service stations life style - with plenty fun and mischief along the way!
This lead to Lixx signing a deal with Fast Forward Records and they released a mini album called "Loose On You" in 1988 - mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios no less! Around this time the band's Dundee gigs were at places like, Cafe Rock, Chevvy's and Baxter Park.
They were pretty well known now and were regulars in the music press, including the more specialist mags such as Kerrang and Metal Hammer.
Lixx also had a track showcased on a UK compilation album called "Best Of British Steel".
They changed their sound as they entered the 90's, added Ian on guitar and were transformed into Sons Of The Shaking Earth - taking them to journeys end a couple of years later.
The photos above follow the band's time line -
Top is the Dum Dum Boys at the Tayside Bar - 1983.
Next is Circus Of Hell - 1984.
3rd one is Lixx at the Bowling Alley - mid 80's.
Followed by Lixx at Dundee University - mid 80's.
Then inside Abbey Road Studios with Jo & Steevo - 1988.
Finally, a fine pro shot of Jo Doll in action - 1989.
So, to play us out of September, here is a track from the Lixx album - a song called "Plain Jane".
Big THANKS to Joe Ogilvie and Brian Wilson


  1. In the second pic who's that standing on the ladder - Jon Anderson ?

    Jojos hair ! I remember him mincing about the town.

  2. Indeed it is John Anderson. Whatever happened to him?

  3. Ha-ha. Jojo's hair looks like Limahl. And remember folks, this was before irony was fashionable.

  4. I remember Jim Robertson as bassist he had a recording/rehersal studio in Brook St Did he make it big in the U.S.? John Anderson - social worker? JoJo - Our Willie the wilderness years :-D
    the bear

  5. there uused to be a bit of glam rivalry between the Junkies and Lixx and in the end it looks like lixx won eg record deal, british tour, own songs, singer not completly mental guitarist not in hiding, Jock Ferguson not hingin' oot their arses.


  6. Re Jim Robertson, only saw him once after he left for the states, seemed to be doing ok, probably still ducking and diving no doubt. His place in Brook St was Soundhouse Studios, which he ran with Ian Stockdale (who died earlier this year.) The studio was doomed to failure - took them months to open the place due to not having any recording equipment because they'd wasted thousands of pounds on a Fairlight II CMI (computer musical instrument) which mainly saw use as a coffee table! Towards the end, Jim wouldn't allow anyone in the studio office unless they were going to use the phone to call long distance, running up an enormous bill, which he wouldn't be paying as he would've fled the country by the time the bill came - a crazy guy!

    Re Lixx vs The Junkies, don't really agree with that - the two metal bands in town back then were Lixx and Arrival (laterally The Heat) with the excellent John Curran on guitar and the phenomenal Kipper (sadly now dead too since august) on drums. The Heat featured on an episode of Taggart had Radio 1 sessions and walked away from a record deal. They were by FAR the better of the two metallers in town.

  7. Whatever happened to Jojo?

  8. hopefully jojo gave up playing guitar and got a haircut !


  9. John Anderson (AKA MR A)is alive, well and living in Dundee. He now teaches Geography in the city, for a living. He still remembers the good times in Circus of Hell/Lixx & The Junkies. He drinks to forget the bad tmes ;)

  10. Retro-Fame at last LOL
    Thanks to Jamno1fan & Ewan Parry for giving me the heads up.

  11. Isn't Steevo a teacher too now living in Glasgow?

  12. As a reply to what Watty said, the studio was not "doomed to failure" due to a lack of equipment, yes they spent a large amount of money on the Fairlight II CMI, but Iain paid for it himself, so that's not what caused the problems. After the studio went down Iain kept it himself, because he had been the one who bought it, and he used it in his own studio. The problems they did face was mainly down to the fact that instead of working they were too busy trying to pull birds. I can verify all of this because I am Iain's daughter.

    1. If you're Iain's daughter you'd be about -10 years old when Soundhouse closed.

  13. Actually the Fairlight was leased and neither of us bought it. I dont think there was even a payment made on the stupid thing. I do agree picking up birds was the primary function of our daily lives and yes the project was doomed to failure. But it was lots of fun while it lasted and it did fund my immigration to the USA.

  14. I knew an Iain Stockdale who lived in Angus & had a daughter who would be about 18 now. Same guy? If yes I'm sad to hear he passed away.