Sunday, 26 September 2010


1986 is the year that is missing from the date on the poster.
Two bands on the night for this Centre Bar gig (downstairs in the Tay Hotel in Dock Street ) - Thee Rockin Shebang Sisters and The Rock Lobsters.
Although I'm familiar with both band names, my powers of recall on this occasion have deserted me, so if anyone can give the lowdown on the bands or gig, feel free to enlighten us in the comments.
Now, is that curvy creature, Diana Dors or Divine??!!
Big thanks to Drew Ramsay


  1. looks more like Jayne Mansfield to me retro .
    Lesley g

  2. .
    Hi Lesley.
    I thought Jayne Mansfield as well.
    The connection to the bands may be that someone was a fan of Derek and Clive.
    They did a track on "Derek and Clive Live" called "The Worst Job I Ever Had", the worst job being picking lobsters out of Jayne Mansfield's ar$e on Malibu Beach.

  3. I thought Jayne was a blonde bombshell, not a blonde bumshell!!

  4. actually brian.. drink 14 pints o guiness, a box o butterscotch and squint yer eyes a certain way. and it could be me..

    /lehs sometimes.

    lesley g.

  5. I though Jayne was prouder up front this looks like one of Jock Longhorns backing vocalists the lovely Donna McCracken but I could be imagining it :)
    the bear

  6. The Rock Lobsters was my first gigging band and we played with the Shebangs a few times, here at the Cente bar and at the legendary Tayside bar. I have photos of this very gig, will post them soon! I havent seen this poster before, great to see it now!