Saturday, 18 September 2010


The Tayside Bar was the place to be on 19th June 1981, as this was where the Scrotum Poles played their final gig.
As well as the band live on stage, they also presented their short film "The Epitaph".
And if that wasn't enough entertainment, there was Major Longhorn on DJ duty.
The item underneath the poster also refers to the farewell gig and gives a brief overview of the band's history. It appeared in local fanzine, Le Sinistre.
Getting back to the poster - see the cartoon characters - well they are a take-off of creatures drawn by Savage Pencil (aka Edwin Pouncey) who had a cartoon strip in music paper, Sounds, at the time. You can tell it isn't a Savage Pencil original though because Oor Wullie is stuck in the middle of the freaks looking as if he wants out of there!!
Thanks to Drew Ramsay


  1. they seem to be more popliar in america

  2. Jings, missed this one. Aye, I ripped off Savage Pencil with the creatures but in a respectful way. I am now Fergus The Scottish Uber Colourist on Facebook and I don't rip off anybody. JF