Friday, 17 September 2010


Let's go back to 1980 and find out what's on radio...
(Twiddle knob)...Radio 1...Tommy Vance...naaaaaah...Radio 2...Richard Baker...oh sod off...skip past Radio 3 & 4...oh ho, what's this...flippin' heck it's Scrotum Poles guitarist Colin Smith being interviewed on Radio Tay!
Well even if the presenter did seem to be a bit unprepared, it was typical of the kind of chat that cropped up on local radio back then.
A speedy round-up of the band's activities then back to the show!
They don't use the word "Scrotum", so I assume they must have deemed it too strong for Dundee's housewives at the time!!
Big thanks to Craig


  1. "Unprepared" that's an understatement, he made Colin sound like Will Self !!!!! I remember Radio Tay "going local" and interviewing and playing lots of local bands, i'm not sure they wanted to, but someone upstairs told them it would look good for the station to support local bands etc, this was a classic example of what they did, a 2 minute interview by someone who clearly would rather have been somewhere else,nothing worse to make you feel nervous than some media bloke telling you that you look it , then asking you if you are!!!! must have took the pressure right off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. haha brilliant interview, had to laugh at the poor dj making out he knew about musical influences etc. Give that man ( colin smith) a Medal !
    lesey g.

  3. What a toby (the presenter). Typical of the people who worked at Radio Tay.

  4. Hoi Craig the Poles are still due me my 10% for a gig at the coachie when I was briefly your Talcy Malcy/Bernie Rhodes type svengali.
    I calculate that to be roughly £6.40 in today's money. Pay up or I shoot the puppy.

    Mike G.

  5. You got your 10% you nob. You drank it.

  6. That's Mr Nob to you son