Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Off we go cycling in the 60's now for a few days, this being an era when the only safety gear used was bicycle clips!
Starting with this 1968 ad for Halfords in the High Street, a shop that was probably Dundee's most well known stockist of bikes.
Other bicycle dealers who were on the go in the late 60's were -
CUTHBERTS - Hawkhill
PT JACKSON - Victoria Rd
LINDSAY BROS - Victoria Rd
JR NICHOLSON - Arbroath Road
ROBERTSON BROS - Strathmartine Rd
JAMES A RODGER - Tannadice St & Clepington St
WOOLER'S - Lochee High St
I can remember looking in the window of Nicholson's shop quite a lot around this period as a schoolboy, staring at the rack of racers they had on display and thinking to myself..."maybe one day"...but nope, never did get one!!
(cue quivering bottom lip!!!)


  1. Come on Retro, you don't want one of's like sitting on a razor blade! ;P

  2. I bought my first bike from Woolers, must have been 1977, 78..? I'd won £25 on the premium bonds, which seemed like all the money in the world to an 8-year old back then... Dad took me up to Lochee and there was this second hand, bright red contraption, with no gears and SOLID tyres! It cost me eighteen of my 25 quid, which even now seems a bit steep for what it was... (and I must have spent the rest on mojos and daintees.) Anyway, I loved it. Even though it was roundly mocked by my pals, with their drop handle bars and fancy 'pneumatic' tyres.


  3. Around 1968/69 meh mate got a racer.
    Then in 1970 he got a Chopper.
    NO FAIR!!!!!

  4. which part of the hawkie was cuthberts on?

  5. Cuthbert's was the one next door to the Tav.

  6. Does anyone remember a bike shop on Dura Street? Around the spot where Ferraris is now or at least in front of there?

  7. i rememnber when ferrari's was a derlict building but can't remember a bike shop in front of it.

  8. There was a building in front of Ferrari's that had a couple of shops on the street level (I think). A newspaper shop maybe and sweet shop? Then this building got demolished in the early 70's and Ferrari's was built into the building behind the one demolished.

  9. Nicholson's was near my school.
    I used to dream of owning a chopper.In fact I used to dream of owning a bike.

  10. never had a raleigh chopper but this year bought a 1973 raleigh chopper mk2 which ive just had restored and has cost a lot of money to do so
    i display bicycles at classic car shows and hope the chopper gets a few first prizes next year