Thursday, 2 September 2010


Possibly for the first time in decades, bicycle designs changed when we reached the fab 60's.
Moving away from the old traditional standard bike frame, in came a new look - the low centre of gravity frame, made famous by Moulton.
Other bike manufacturers soon caught on to the Moulton design and came up with their own versions.
Here's 2 examples from 1966 - the top one being a Royal Enfield "Revelation" and the one underneath it, Raleigh's "RSW 16". Both models had the modern low frame design as well as the innovative quick release levers for adjusting the height of the saddle and handlebars.
Although I never had any of the 2 on show, I do remember seeing both of them whizzing around Craigie in the 60's.
The original Moulton was still the most popular, but I actually always preferred the RSW because of the chunky white tyres!


  1. Yeah, but did you ever stick an empty Kwenchy Cup in the back brake, and pretend it was a motorbike? :D

  2. Futba' cairds were better!

  3. Brompton seems to have cornered the market with a fold up cycle that looks a bit like your bikes pictured. Handy if you need to travel between pubs and save time on locking up.

  4. I couldnae afford a bike.Come to think of it, I couldnae afford fitba cards either.
    We used to call them "farters", when poeple put cards on the spokes.