Friday, 10 September 2010


Here are local lassies, Margaret Stibbles & Jean Shepherd, bunching up with the fabulous Walker Brothers in 1966.
1967 was the year the group actually split up to go their separate ways, so the Dundee duo just managed to catch them while they were still a pop pin-up act.
It's amazing how many musicians have since gone on in the following decades, to name-drop the Walker Bros as having been a major influence. Mind you, they did belt out some real classy pop records in the mid 60's - with Scott Walker then branching off to create music afterwards which seems to come from some kind of higher sonic plane.
He even manages to look cool in a duffel coat!


  1. Now that's a nice duffle.

  2. Hi. Thanks for this great photo. I co-moderate the Scott Walker group on Yahoo. There are around 1100 current members, some of whom collect old, previously unseen photos like this, so they will be really appreciative. However, may I just comment on the date: I was at this concert in Dundee at the Caird Hall, when I was 14; the date was 6th October 1966, not 1967, but they did break up in 1967, as you say. The background looks like the Queens Hotel in the Nethergate, and I know they stayed there as I was part of the group who waited and touched their hair when they emerged from their car outside the hotel.

  3. Thanks for the info, Hermione, I've adjusted the date accordingly.
    I couldn't figure out which Dundee building it was they were standing outside, so the Queens Hotel is probably correct by judging your account.
    Did they have an orchestra on stage to recreate that big wall of sound they had on their hit singles? GG

  4. I'm sure they did have the big orchestra, Retro. It was dark behind them on the stage, which I was this close to climbing onto, with the help of my friend, Joyce, hooching me up there. Scott was wearing a powder blue suit with a white roll neck sweater. There's a short clip of the Plymouth leg of the tour on Youtube.
    Thanks again for the photo.