Monday, 20 September 2010


When Pigs Are Cute recorded 3 tracks down at Inner City Sound studios in 1981, 2 of them ended up on the Dundee Compilation Cassette the following year.
This song below called "Taiwan" was the missing 3rd track and hasn't been heard since it was recorded.
There is a kind of uneasy feel to the song, a hint that someone evil is looming over you - just the same as when countries don't get on.
This was also the big track the band used to close their set with.
So see what you reckon to this rare moody PAC opus.
Many thanks to Craig


  1. I have this Track ! but since its on cassette i have not heard it for years , great to hear again , always liked Pigs are Cute especially live ! Craig is a great vocalist and Lyricist and Glen an amazingly powerful drummer and both are very nice people ! (did not really know the other 2 , sorry !)
    anyone know what Glen does now ?
    Craig does web design.

    mike kane

  2. Glen teaches English in Cadiz, apparently.

  3. Peter Hook bass down to myself, Neil Smillie. Now living in Leicester. Occasionally see Craig. Good times.