Sunday, 12 September 2010


Did ya get a good wee buzz scrolling through that lot?
This impressive cascade of images catches The Junkies in full flow at one of their gigs down at the Tayside Bar, probably around the 1981 period.
It's amazing how fresh the pictures look 3 decades on. You'd think they were just taken 3 weeks ago!
For some reason, the Tayside Bar looks quite cavernous in black & white, but as a lot of you will recall, there was hardly any room to move at the area allocated for bands.
Top-notch pics though!
This is a good opportunity to accompany the photos with another track of theirs.
I put up a downtempo tune last year, so this time out I thought I'd go for a song which is more the kind of thing they were known for - an upbeat, sleazy, rock "n" drawl number called "Pretty Boys".
Big THANX to Drew Ramsay


  1. Yes very good pictures indeed,

  2. on the second last pic is that fat dec' "the slug" in the bottom lefthand corner, waiting to ply mince with some overpriced blow?
    the bear.

  3. Ahh fat Deck,or Big Deck as he would call himself,not a bad guy just an attention seeker,he died couple years back of cancer i believe,sad.I saw the Junkies once think it was the centre bar,but that weird guy that used to dress in drag ,talking of attention seekers (he tried acting i think)was in them and it was poor.Steve Athwal became Steve Singh and played in a glam band,lixx was one but cant remember the other,anyone?

  4. Ach they were harmless. Lovely cabaret. Mind you, not a single original thought between them.....

  5. Vince and Fez snogging with tongues to their intro track of "Tonight" by Sylvain Sylvain then into Pipeline.

  6. Vince Piggot & Ally Hendrix , 2 of the finest men ever to have drawn breath. I was at the Stobbie with Ally & college with Vince.I have many good memories of good times with them both. If any of the two of you see this look me up on facebook I would love to catch up with you.I will never forget the night when Ally thumped some guy on the head with his guitar at a gig in the Laings hotel.

    Lee D................

  7. big Al was always hitting people with his guitar he wouldn't use his fists in case he damaged his nail varnish also he had weak wrists (RSI)with the constant wanking over johnny thunders pictures. I hear he's a hairdresser now, what a surprise ;D
    only kiddin' Fez.
    the bear

  8. Vince was a true star of the Dundee scene. I remember him in the Joeys with his mod suit on - looking like Paul Weller.

    In fact he always really looked like someone else - an early tribute band person.

  9. nah. yeah vince wore an undertakers suit and black tie in the joeys, but this was before paul weller etc made it big. Was certainly not a MOD.

    spent many a random.crazy night with this fella. his stories were hilrious, and i genuinley loved him for the man he is.

    Big grinny rules;)

    vince i not seen you in about 20 years. if ya oot there. .. get in touch as ye owe me a pint fae the pillars bar in 77. ! lesley g xx

  10. glenrothes young team18 September 2010 at 13:27

    Must be 20 years since i've seen vince. He was going out with Heather who used to work in Grouchos when i knew the two of them.

  11. yeah....caught the Junkies at samanthas/bloomers or whatever in south tay street as support for Skids in 1978/9 can't quite remember.......we attended the gig with the band Friction, who later went on to become All the Rage and then Waiter Waiter.
    Think Scott and Stef are still selling their wares as Stour, maybe wrong!
    Mr Piggott, is he still in the toon?
    Did a couple of gigs in the Tayside bar myself round that time......Taybridge was tiny.....remember at one gig we did spike ricketts smacked his nose on the wee partition between where the band set up and where the 'masses' were huddled then proceeded to wipe his nose gunk over within arms length.....bless....ace laugh......excellent

  12. Vince Piggott always reminded me of eric morecambe for some reason....

  13. Bunch of Freaks!! Piggott is a bender

  14. A link to 2 rare fantastic gigs by Mike Kane's The Gerils & Vince P's 2323