Sunday, 31 August 2008


I remember when I was aged 9, waking up early one morning at our home in Craigie while the rest of my family were still asleep.
This was just total instinct, no alarm clock needed because I had a special little something running around my mind from the days building up to it.
So I sneaked out my room, tiptoed downstairs to the living room and quietly turned the big radiogram on, as in the one shown above.
It was Saturday 30th September 1967 and time to find out what the first ever record to be played on Radio 1 would be.
Turned out to be one of my favourites back then.
Here below is what I heard...

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  1. great tunes just found your site googling around for dundee archives fantastic job sir, looks like it will take me months to work my way through it, see you mention kemnay gds my mum and dad lived in no 42 from about 1972 till 1998 thanks for sharing your memories of dundee. Must get on now otherwise it will take me years to get through it.yours john