Friday, 15 August 2008


By the early 70's, Dundee was trying to move away from the traditional old style barbers and get into more modern "hairdressing".
Farquhar's in the High Street was probably the most obvious example, this being the place to go for feather cuts, tints, Bowie cuts and so on.


  1. I had a Bowie cut at Hugh Farquers then a few weeks after seeing Bowie at Caird hall in 73- later had it trimmed and coloured at Sweeny Todds- was too scared to get a permanant colour- just got a spray- though a week later I got expelled from Linlathen for havinge Orange hair (and hands) courtesy of my mum's Rimmel Mahogany -liberally used at lunchtime whilst my mum was working at Timex in Milton 'o' Craigie......

    1. Hi was Craig Soutar your brother ? I think I remember you, My name was Wendy Reid back then lived in Fintry my friend was Michelle Osman I used to go out with Craig did you live in the square where the fintry church was, and the council office was on the bottom of one of the flats, you if it is ? had a flat in the middle with your two brothers ??? would love to know if I got this one right lol

  2. Mum used to take me here when feeling flush enough (otherwise it was Sword's barber in The Ferry)... I never really liked it, it was too posh compared to a gent's barber. Plus the name souded, well – "a bit poofy". Tsk! The painted sandwich board was out on the street with Earl Haig pointing at you. I think that made me nervous straight away. You'd go up the close and climb the winding steps, smell that hairdresser smell as you got closer. The waiting room was 2 rows of red leatherette benches with mirrored walls and an airbrushed mural of stockinged female legs. I had the worst haircut of my life in there... but that was through my instructions rather than any poor hairdressing. Crew cut with long strands at the back, please. No really — keep it long at the back. I remember my mum crying when she saw me, ha ha! And having a wee greet myself.

  3. aye a remember shugg..started off his place in peddie st..doon fae the logie school..then moved to the high st..a remember him dyeing ma hair "blue"...and coming oot o the closie at shugs. and ma maither was standing at the 22 bus stop across fae samuels..she didna ken me.went to the dundee game that saturday..and the sporting post recorded a story " dundee fans dyeing devotion"....aye those were the days..

  4. that was my dads shop,madness seeing something from 1976 on this.r.i.p dad..x