Sunday, 10 August 2008


Around 1970, another Amusement Arcade was proving popular in Dundee - this one was in the Wellgate, and on 2 levels.
The ground floor of #34 (on the corner of Baltic Street) had all the slot machines & games, and upstairs there was a mini dodgems track.
I remember it had the first ever primitive computer screen game, it was called PONG and based on table tennis (ping pong).
Spent quite a few bob at the arcade there Saturday mornings - Pong in particular.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. I remember this well, there were mini dodgems upstairs and you put sixpence in the slot to make them go.

  2. There was a Dalek you could sit in too!

  3. Went to the Wellgate with my sister Ellen and was to buy a tin of white paint. Left it in the Dodgem car in the Wellgate. 32 Bus to Fintry. Only discovered it when I got home. We had to go doon the toon again to retrieve it happy days.Yes and what about the mirror column outside Hardy's ? where you did the Hrry Worth impression.

  4. Remember everybody met their friends outside Jackson's at the bottom of the Wellgate!!!!