Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Owned by Primo Zaccarini, PRIMO'S CAFE in Huntly Square in the 60's, was really a chip shop rather than a sit-in cafe.
The outside door on the right of the shop took you to a curvy grey formica counter that swept along in front of the frying area and lead to a confectionery corner on the left.
The outside door on the left opened into a small ice-cream parlour that was partitioned off from the main shop but you could also get to from a door inside.
In the early 70's the premises was taken over by Nan Howard although it still remained the same chip shop & confectioner set up.

Here below, is a wee slideshow of some of the products that would have been available from the ice-cream parlour in the 60's & 70's.

Photo by DC Thomson.

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  1. Primo was in a chip shop on the Kingsway-Pitkerro Road group of shops prior to 1964?
    I remember him as I lived in Kingennie Terrace 1955-64, incl.

    He had jet black Bylcreamed hair - well he was Italian, eh?