Monday, 25 August 2008


Da Vinci's in Westport was often viewed as a "posers" pub in the 80's, but I didn't find it too bad at all, it was quite trendy I'd say.
As the name suggests, they were referring to Leonardo da Vinci and so they had an artists palette as part of their logo as well as examples of his artwork on the walls (prints, not originals of course!).
The ground floor had a bar and a small lounge area on a raised floor.
Upstairs was the main attraction though, what with it's small dancefloor with DJ's & bands playing regularly. It could get really crowded at times, but there were some great lively nights to be had there.
A lot of revellers ended up here at the end of the evening, having it as their last pub on the list before hitting the nearby disco's!.
The 2 images above were both taken upstairs in 1981.

Photos by DC Thomson.


  1. Happy, happy, happy days.
    Remember hearing Blue Monday here for the very first time. Got up to dance and thought it would never stop!

    Loved Da Vinci's in all it's incarnations (maybe with the exception of it's Pink Elephant phase) right up to it's criminal demolition a couple of years back and we had to say goodbye to The Westie.

  2. Originally Da Vinci's had a small balcony affair linking the two floors. I used to have to DJ on the ground floor next to the bar which ran along the back wall. The equipment that Frank (Esposito) had at the time could only be described as prehistoric. Around 1980 Frank decided to refurbish the place, filled the hole in and created The Studio upstairs along with its raised dance floor. This time I managed to persuade Frank to buy some decent kit and the once re-opened the place went balistic. I was the resident Dj there for around 2 years. I remember turning up for work and the q was all the way from the door and on to the hawkhill. At its peak folk alledgidly came from Aberdeen and Edinburgh. It was also a favoured haunt of Billy McKenzie, Paul Quinn and occasionaly Edwyn Collins. I still bump into people who remember it fondly and some who thought it was full of posers. However it was one of the few clubs where you could play New Order 'Temptation' with Ami Stewart 'Knock on Wood' or Bauhaus 'Kick in the Eye' with Kid Creole 'Annie I'm not your Daddy'. There were some great Dundee Dj's around at the time not least Dave Calikes and Phil Jordan, as well as The Sweeney's, Phil Blacklaw etc etc.

  3. Remember Keith Ramsey as dj at Da Vincis.The dance floor had a full length mirror and was one of the first places where blokes would dance on their own.My old mate mate from DC's,Neil Morris was always on the dance floor.They closed the balcony because to many pints were accidentally spilt over the patrons below.