Friday, 8 August 2008


The Dundee University Student's Union in Airlie Place ( top picture ) put on a variety of interesting gigs during the 70's & 80's.
My first venture there was in 1976 to catch National Health play.
An example of some of the other acts I can recall seeing there were, Peter Gabriel, APB, Mike Oldfield, Misty in Roots, Bow Wow Wow, etc.
Plucking out one of the gigs I've attended to accompany the piece, I have chosen the 801 concert which took place in November 1977.
801 were a short-lived act created by Phil Manzanera & Eno when Roxy Music had a temporary break in the mid 70's.
They were quite an experimental, arty kind of band, using lots of electronic gadgets to achieve a compelling array of sounds.
I still have the original music press tour advert for the gig which I've included above.


  1. I remember going there to see The Adverts, Generation X, Radio Stars, The Ruts, Misty In Roots. Great memories but some really arsey students and trying to signed in was a pain at times.

  2. I saw Thin Lizzy at students union
    Early seventies.
    Started smoking again that night after 2 n haff years aff them