Monday, 18 August 2008


Apart from being taken there with my parents in the 60's, the only reason for visiting large department stores on my own at schoolboy age would be for clothes or toys.
In the case of Alex Smith's in Commercial Street, they had quite a decent sports department I recall buying a few items from.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. I remember Smithys Cable Cash, was probably before the Provie Cheque...

  2. Ahh Cable Cash, remeber it well! Was once given my birthday present in Cable Cash and I was in Smiths for bloody hours trying to find something decent to buy with it! Not the most trendy shop in town lol!

  3. My Dad was quite a man. Started with nothing and built up a decent department store business (seven branches). He was an innovator and had Cable Cash produced by De la Rue, the company who printed bank cheques. Tried to de-stigmatize credit for people when it was there for essentials not luxuries. Agreed, the shops weren't trendy but they had a purpose! Ron Smith