Thursday, 7 August 2008


Craigie High School's uniform didn't appear on the scene until many months after the school opened it's doors in 1970.
It was actually a team of teachers from CHS Art Dept who helped design it.
We got to see the school badge artwork develop as "work in progress" during its design stage.
I remember head art teacher, Mr Higgins, explaining that the school badge image consisted of the Law Monument to represent Dundee's highest point, the River Tay, representing Dundee's lowest level and both connected by an abstract "Tree Of Knowledge".
There were also 2 different shades of green used for the blazer - a dark version which was the more deluxe option, and which tended to be worn by kids who used a briefcase rather than a schoolbag.
The example above was the economic version, and although it was a more lurid green, it was the most common.
The uniform wasn't compulsory back then and I reckon less than half of the pupils chose to wear it.
The clash of colours was interpreted light-heartedly by pupils at the time as Green for Catholics and Orange for Protestants.
Back then it was a mixed religion school and we all got on fine.
Then they built St Saviours in Whitfield and so triggered an exodus of Catholics.
Religion not being part of any learning process!


  1. I was always amazed that an art department could come up with such a hideous colour scheme. Craigie High must have employed colour blind art teachers.

  2. I alway liked the green blazers with the orange ties it made the girls more attractive and was a refreshing change from the usual dark blue that dominated most schools(harris and high school noted exceptions)were any or all of the art teachers Irish by any chance?

  3. my dad warred that