Thursday, 21 August 2008


Boy Meets Girl in the Overgate, was Dundee's first go at a "Unisex" boutique in the early/mid 70's - the concept being to sell gents & ladies clothing from the same shop, rather than from separate stores or departments as it had been up to that time. You can see the window display has both male and female garments mixing with each other.
It's a pity it was a rather short-lived store because despite the place selling all the latest up-to-date gear around, it also had the best shopfront logo on town!

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. great shop for my loonpants. They had a cage for go go dancers. Lori, an American lass used to dance after school(Morgan). Ah the glamour.

  2. just found this website! I was ladies manageress in boy meets girl we had some fab dresses and I spent most of my wages there every week!!
    when I tell my daughters what we wore they dont belive me as its 70's 80's fashion now!! ahh those were the days!!

  3. i worked in boy meets girl who were part of the peters stores chain who also included great american panthouse. got my interview in panthouse was based in peters stores at the far end of the overgate we then moved to massive store in the wellgate had a stint in all three shops but peters stores was the main one i was head cashier ha ha at only 17yrs old

  4. The circular shop sign is so typical of the early 70's - it brings to mind Dave Hill's "Super Yob" guitar design and the "Disco 45" pop magazine logo!