Friday, 1 August 2008


The picture here shows part of the crowd outside Bruce's record shop in Reform Street, waiting to catch sight of Rod Stewart opening the store on 14th Dec 1974.
I'm somewhere in the crowd too, wearing my Dundee FC scarf, because the team were playing Celtic that day.
Incidentally, Rod didn't have a gig in town, he was actually playing at the Glasgow Apollo that night, so he did travel through especially to do the biz at Bruces.
However, because Rod turned up late for the shop opening, I, along with many others, had to make a last minute mad dash up to Dens Park to catch kick-off.
Rod also made that same dash up to Dens for the game, getting the V.I.P. treatment in the directors box. Unfortunately, Rod didn't get to see the Dee on a good day - Kenny Dalglish was in scintillating form that afternoon and Dundee were hammered 6-0!
Kenny got a hat-trick and the footage below captures 2 of his goals from the match.
Rod & Bruce then had to scarper quickly back to Glasgow to make it in time for the start of his concert!
Yes things were pretty hectic the day Rod came to town in '74.
Photo by DC Thomson.

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