Monday, 4 August 2008

ROKOTTO ON TV - 1970's

In 1977, Cathie McCabe's record shop organised a bus to go up to Aberdeen - and I was invited along.
The event was Dundee based funky disco band, Rokotto, perform in concert at Grampian Studios.
Joan McCabe and the band members were also on the bus along with us punters.
I remember the studio had a scaffolding gantry at the side of the stage, which is where I chose to watch the show from, but most of the studio audience were at the front of the stage dancing along to the band.
The TV series was called "The Entertainers" and showcased a different act every week. Rokotto played for over an hour in Aberdeen but each episode was edited down to 30 minutes.
The show was broadcast on 17 June 1977.
I got in touch with Grampian quite recently to see if they had this episode in their vaults but unfortunately, although some of the acts on The Entertainers were kept, the one with Rokotto on has since been wiped.
Also, as well as appearances on Top Of The Pops in the 70's, Rokotto were featured on another BBC show in 1979 called "Roadshow Disco".
This was actually recorded in Dundee - Kirkton Community Centre in fact!
So if anybody out there has a copy of these shows, feel free to get in touch.
Vocalist, Lorna Bannon, went on to sing with Shakatak, Simple Minds, plus a few other acts after Rokotto.
Anyway, for those who are not familiar with Rokotto's sound or would like a reminder, here is a track & slideshow to tune into.


  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane I had completely forgotten that track Moonlight Dancing, what a shame there's no more footage,
    Lorna B aka Sister B

    1. Just saw Rokotto on disco show on bbc! Brought back great memories of Dundee inthe 70s.

    2. I went to the studio in Aberdeen to watch the band, also got caught from my Mum being there when was supposed to be babysitting lol .Went with an old friend Cathy who was actually dating the drummer Bongo was his nickname I think, also heard Lorna sing quit a lot in the Douglas club. Good Memories

  2. Goodness me Rokotto another proud addition to Dundee's often overlooked Funk and Soul heritage. I keep trying to tell folk about it and all I get is funny looks. Dundee? are you sure.

    Saw you a couple time Lorna at the Baracudda and I seem to remember Rokotto play at the old Ice Rink?

  3. Did Rokotto not emerge from the ashes of Ray King and the Flamingoes- I am sure they did- Ray king and co were Dundees very first Black people ever- where they came from I don't know- but they were aslways on at the JM Ballroom.

  4. Lead singer Cleve's family doin fine in Dundee. Bongo the funky drummer is I believe still dj'in at Fat Sams. Here's a link to Cleve for all you fans:

    Think he's doin Barry White tribtes these days.

  5. Ray King and the Flamingoes did split in two, one half went on to form Rokotto and the other half took another Dundee lass on board as vocalist and became Susan Childe and the Flamingoes. SC&F played a lot at the Barracuda and I have a hazy memory of them play at the Rollerama one Sunday.

  6. Susan Childe who was in the Flamingos is still going strong and living in the USA. She is also still singing under the name of Yvonne J. You'll find a few members of Rokotto & The Flamingoes on her MySpace page.

  7. Howard McLeod on drums, legend!!

  8. Howie drums im fatties on wednesdays, DJ,s in Braes on Sat. Still has the same hat.

  9. Sadly Lorna B has not yet worked with Van The Man but she HAS done backing vocals for Daryll Hall, Pretenders, Runrig, Mica Paris, Findlay Quaye, Fish, Billy Connoly and Simple Minds.

    She lives in Sussex and London with her husband Songwriter Gary Osborne (me) who wrote the lyrics for The War Of The Worlds, Blue Eyes for Elton John and Checkin It Out for Lil'Chris.

  10. LORNA.....I have tried to contact youmany times over the past years but could never find you. Please get in touch with me....
    Yvonne J aka Susan Childe

  11. BONGO still has the same hat, is as cool as Ice, and can be seen each weekend Drumming at THE BOND in DOCK STREET, DUNDEE........

    Steve Martin

  12. Wow...flashbacks. I used to live in Kilkerran Terrace, and the son of one of the band was in my class at Greenfield Primary. I think members of the band were sharing a house on our block. But for me it was very unusual as I'd never seen black people before!

    My mum used to work in the Barracuda as well, or was it the JM? I will have to ask her!

  13. Jersey in the late 70s/ early 80s - would love to catch up

  14. Saw Howie from Rokotto in Clarks of Lindsay Street, Dundee Feb 2018. Still DJing with the hat!! Have their State records still.

  15. Thanks for the website - best I could find for info on Rokotto. Just discovered this band and had trouble believing they were Scots - They look [and sound] like an East Coast American outfit!
    Their version of Shack up is my favourite :)