Tuesday, 21 September 2010


The Soul Kiss Club used to put on music events along at the Tayside Bar on the first Sunday of every month, and to let everyone know what was going on, they brought out their own wee mag.
The one here is for Sunday 2nd Feb 1986 when they had 3 live acts to showcase - the bands on the night being - The Finks - a mystery female trio and The Shebang Sisters.
There was also to be a SKC "special event" later in Feb featuring Boo-Hooray and Cattle, but this show was scheduled to take place at the Rep.
Some of the other acts who have appeared under the SKC banner have included - Bob Phillips - The Brothers Wine - Alison Burns - AAGA - Joe Public - The Ashen Heart - Steve Knight & Chris Marra - Gary Clarke's Country Extravaganza, and many more.
One of the bands they had in store for their March shindig was Immortalised In Plastiscene (deliberate wrong spelling?).
Anyway, plenty of performers there to test your memory!
There is also an ad for a midweek fashion show happening at Fat Sams on 12th Feb, organised by The Wardrobe shop in Whitehall Crescent and Jack & Irving Hairstylists in Commercial Street.
Lots of other info tucked away in there, so if you fancy a proper read, just click on the items to enlarge.
Many thanks to Drew Ramsay


  1. Silly question, really, but can anyone let me know where the Tayside Bar was (and what's in its place now)? I understand it was on the Seagate, but can't picture it at all (which is why a photo of the exterior would be nice :-) ).

    I was just a nipper when the events in these photos were happening, but I'm pretty sure I was a teenager when the place finally shut.

  2. 176 Seagate was the Tayside Bar address, which doesn't really mean much without a picture and the fact the building doesn't exist anymore, but it was located where the Seagate/Marketgait roundabout now is. North side of the street.
    It was still there when I left Dundee in 1987 and so I don't actually know when it officially shut it's doors.
    What I'd like to know is, did it have a huge party on it's final night, like The Scout did, or was it a bit of a non-event?
    I don't have a photo of the pub exterior by the way, and neither does DC Thomson, so if anybody does have a snap of the building, feel free to send it to Retro.

  3. Ah, that makes sense - I had a feeling it was knocked down for the new road that goes up the back of the Wellgate (which, from memory, was built in the early/mid-1990s).

  4. Which year was this SKC at the Tayside Bar? Didn't the Tayside Bar get a compulsary order placed on it (i.e. sold to council), and Brian Sinclair left to be replaced by some others who leased the pub till it closed? If my memory is correct, that's the period when the bar went 'doon hill'.

  5. This Soul Kiss Club item is dated 1986.

  6. The Soul Kiss Club also went on to do events at the Blue Mountain on the Hawkhill.

  7. The "mystery female trio" would have been Ali Burns and the Penny Daintees, I think

  8. I have video footage from around '84 of Boab Philips playing a bit of classical guitar.
    A little treat for later perhaps!

  9. The Tayside Bar was well past it's sell by date in 1986. It's prime years were mid 81 until late 84.

  10. 'Let's Evolve' did one show at the Tayside Bar, with a helping hand from Nick and Aaga, I found the poster just the other week, while I also appeared at that fashion show at Fatties in a wedding dress frame and a large cock type cod piece / strap on (I was modelling) nothing's changed. jan

  11. It was Nick Wright ran the SKC, wasn't it?

    I think I was at the very last ever SKC in the Tayside Bar - I went there before going to see the Mighty Lemon Drops at Fatties... so this would have been late 1986 / early 1987... Appearing that night at the SKC were the Beaver Sisters and AAGA.

    Incidently, the first gig I ever played with The Sandflowers was a SKC off-shoot at the Rep - February 1987. The Wildhouse were also on the bill that night.

  12. "I also appeared at that fashion show at Fatties in a wedding dress frame and a large cock type cod piece / strap on"

    .jpgs plz!

  13. Nick Wright is a nice fella. Very handy with the old Lettraset as well. Wish the Tayside Bar was still here :(

  14. Nick is a nice fella. He ran the Dundee Rep cafe with Mike Kane for years. He also had a fanzine way back then called "Process" (I think).

  15. My dad took some photos of the Tayside bar either before, during or after its demolition. I'll ask him tomorrow if he still has them.

  16. Baxter parp......I was also in same fashion show...outfits from Duncan of jordanstone and one of the pieces of music was the fall?