Thursday, 17 November 2011


No idea if the Wellgate Library still looks the same these days, but this is how things were back in the 1980's.
Top image is of the Childrens Library - and judging by the pencil case setting, I think the kids may have been having "The Borrowers" read out to them at the time!
The other photo is a view of the general lending area, which I remember had a brilliant book of Picasso Linocuts that I kept going back to over and over again. Must see if I can buy a copy now that this has jogged my memory.
The advert is dated 1988 and is for the Video Libary, located in the main foyer.
Membership was free and for over 18's only. The content consisted of Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows, music, documentary, old Dundee and hobbies, with prices ranging from 50p to £2 per night.

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  1. They also had a record lending section, resonably priced, hire the LP , tape it , lend it to your mates, let them tape it, hand it back. File sharing in its infancy :)