Sunday, 13 November 2011


One of the local account holders at the bank featured in yesterdays item, was The Scrotum Poles.
They may not have had much money to burn at the time mind you, but 30 years on their music is still creating interest..!!
Just this year they have been played on Gideon Coe's show on Radio 6 and I even heard them get an airing on WFMU in New York this summer. Also had write-ups in The Word magazine and Record Collector magazine this year.
Anyway, a good time to include this rare photo of the band caught in rehearsals up at the Coffin Mill, with a couple of mysterious onlookers dressed in black.
Were The Stranglers in town?
Big thanks to Craig.


  1. The Scrotum Poles were Boo-Hurrays' little bros' .I' d like to get a cd, any links? Maybe we could do a podcast series of any old cassettes? What happened to Grant MacInally? Stevie Reid.

  2. I am not sure what you are talking about, but a CD copy of Scrotum Poles Revelation can be bought from Amazon at:

    Vinyl copies of Revelation and Auchmithie Forever can be bought from

  3. thought that be a very young Sykes, and maybe John ???? plays with Headroom

  4. John still has the same hairdoo :=)

  5. Aye, that does look like a well young John Matman.

  6. the stranger on the left looks like a young Billy caulfield. Later of joe public and now diddums.

    lesley g.

  7. Surely Craig can enlighten us as to who the 2 guys are , he seemed to be there , but then again , why should he? its not like the post is about his band or anything, oops sorry , it is ,

  8. Dear Mr or Mrs Cissus,

    it was thirty years ago and I can't remember.

  9. Craig, that is the correct answer.
    It may be your rehearsal hovel at the Coffin Mill though and that might be my tripod in the background.
    It looks like my biker's jacket on that young bloke but it's definitely not me who's in it.
    But like you say, it was thirty years ago.
    It's good to indulge briefly in the past but it's not a place to take up permanent encampment.
    I offer this as advice to all.
    Take it or leave it.
    Jock F

  10. Its no you then Jock ????
    A very lot of selective memory going on. chill out - enjoy :)