Saturday, 19 November 2011


A couple of interesting photos showing the back of the buildings along Victoria Road.
You may recall a similar view of this section of the Vicky I posted back in November 2010, but the difference is, on last years, the buildings were all empty - on these 2 photos here however, there is evidence that they are still being lived in.
The pictures were probably taken around 1970ish, so they didn't have that much longer to go before the arrival of the bulldozers.
The top photo shows the segment where it joins onto Idvies Street.
The image below it is further down a wee bit going towards Wellgate, with the tell tale sign of life - the washin' hingin' oot!
Not quite sure what the small building in the foreground beside the lampie is mind you, because I don't know what address it would come under. If it's in Charles Street then the only place that crops up in my 1970 directory on that side of the street is D. Todd, a coal dealer. Could be - could no be - hopefully maybe one of you will be able to nail that one.
Photos from Gordon C.


  1. Retro -
    I think the same low building is in both shots. I reckon my uncle didn't move viewpoints, just turned a bit on the spot.

  2. Yeah that's right - he would have just swivelled to the left after the Idvies St snap (or vice versa).
    I tried to join the 2 photos up but there is a small section missing otherwise I could have had a grand panorama!

  3. Not a satellite dish in sight.

  4. I can see three people on the lower photo, one on the top left plettie and two underneath her (woman and child) in the shadows? I can make out one in the top photo in a plum coloured jacket heading towards the Vicky. the low building wasnt a temp' masons lodge was it I remember one around here when I was a youngster.

  5. i think you are correct Bear , i'm sure thats a wooden sign outside that had the usual Lodge emblems /info on it in gold lettering

  6. There isn't a lodge at this location listed in the 1970 Dundee Directory, but if anyone out there has the 1969 or 1971 books, it may have the answer.

  7. The only other possible place listed in Charles Street (from 1956 to 1971) is an 'Apostolic Church'.

    What I do know is that the tall tenements on the right of the upper view were called the 'Arcade Buildings'. When built it was proposed for them to be connected to a massive indoor market hall complex running all the way down to King Street.

  8. The single storey building is the Little Mission. It was run by two ladies who had a stall in the City Arcade which sold baby goods - mainly hand-knitted by them. They held a Sunday School for the local kids and one of them played a harmonium which was inside. I think their names were Miss Clark and Miss Geddes.

  9. It was definitely Coal merchantsmerchants, Iwa told to collect any bits of coal that fell off the lorries, also a cart horse 🐎.