Monday, 14 November 2011


Well I've raided just about every tune from this cassette during the course of doing Retro Dundee, but I haven't actually done a feature on the tape itself - so better late than never.
Here is then the extremely rare Dundee Compilation Cassette which was made available locally in the early 80's, and was put together by AAGA Productions.
Musically it consisted of a mixture of alternative, pop, rock, new wave, electronic and experimental - and stating the rather obvious, all the acts were from Dundee.
Rockpile and the Tayside Bar were the places to go to grab a copy.
A review of the cassette was published in local fanzine, The Voice, in 1982, which is the 2nd item above and was given a track-by-track assessment. If you want to read the large version, just give it a click.
While I'm here, I'll squeeze one more track out of it.
Here below is Waiter Waiter with a catchy wee song called "Discipline". 

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  1. how time pass's ..I just put a gig on friday night with STOOR being the headline band...featuring Stef and Scott from Waiter Waiter , the guitarist being Ross from many bands including Spare Snare..great night ...especially as my daughters band "Eddies Revenge" were support