Saturday, 5 November 2011


These images were all taken around the corner wedge area where City Road meets Milnbank Road.
Most of the main buildings you can see in the photos have vanished, replaced now with landscaping.
If you want to do a Google Street View comparison, here are their locations.
Top pic - Baxter Street shot from City Road in April 1986.
2nd pic - Baxter Street looking back down towards City Road in March 1984.
3rd pic - Blyth Street on a rainy day in November 1984.
last pic - The back of Blyth Street and Fleuchar Street in February 1985.
Photos by Neale Elder.


  1. These are fabulous pics of a very interesting area [at least to me].
    right click/save right click/save.........
    Thanks Neale

  2. Fantastic photos, as always, Neale. I actually grew up in nearby Scott Street a few years before these photos were taken. Coincidentally, the house immediately opposite where the red car in the top photo is (rather badly) parked was up for sale a wee while back - I was tempted to have a gander at it!

  3. Took the liberty of linking to the respective locations in Street View:

    Barely recognisable just twenty years on!

  4. That's where ma Levi's went! AstroNutter.

  5. Wallace pie shop next to a butchers if i recall rightly directly opposite the Queen Anne