Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Here's 5 local ads offering a variety of tasty grub from the East that I'm sure many of you will be familiar with.
Starting off at The Far East in Mains Loan. This was their Christmas menu they had up in December 1977. 6-course for 3 quid - not bad at all.
The Gunga-Din ad looks as if it is from the hippy 60's, but this is actually dated 1981. At one stage, this restaurant in Perth Road was considered to serve the best Indian meals in Scotland, not just Dundee!
The Hong Kong ad IS from the 60's - 1968 to be exact. A rather popular place it was too, with both food and music available at their well known spot in the Seagate.
Across the road from the Hong Kong was The Himalaya. It doesn't say so in this ad dating from 1977, but I'm sure they put on music too sometimes.
Rounding things off with the Peking in Perth Road - and an ad from 1988. I think this place is still on the go but perhaps ought to be called the Beijing by now!


  1. Back in the late 60s the Hong Kong was the height of sophistication for me. Early performance at the ABC then next door to impress the burd.
    The food wasn't bad either.

  2. 60's for me too at the Hong Kong, danced to the Karl Denver trio one Saturday night, very small dance floor. The food was brilliant as were the staff, a treat for us back then.

  3. Peking is still there but only as a Takeaway these days...the sitty in bit is now the Italian - Don Michelle

  4. Gunga Din was really good, Jacob the owner opened Malabar 5 or 6 years ago further up Perth Road towards Sinderins. Malabar is still trading but unfortunately Jacob is no longer with us, but his brother Dominic continues the family legacy of providing excellent authetic fayre.

  5. Anyone recall the Gold Lucky chinky in Perth Road, I think it may have been where the 'Shake' was originally.

  6. .
    HI Gordon C.

    I definitely remember the "New Gold Lucky" - it was just up Nethergate from Tay Street, opposite the entrance to Nethergate House. It's now, I believe, a kebab shop that does some Indian stuff.
    The NGL chicken curry was the best Chines curry I have tasted. Round about 1982-3, the family that ran it gave it up and opened a 'sitty doon' in the Ferry, in Brook Street.
    Went down there with wife #1 a couple of times just after they opened.
    I THINK it was in the building you can see at this link:-,-2.870822&spn=0.019298,0.060039&t=h&hnear=Dundee,+Dundee+City,+United+Kingdom&z=15&vpsrc=6&layer=c&cbll=56.466626,-2.87093&panoid=l_Mh2DMIvXEdMkjpIcsq3g&cbp=12,182.83,,0,3.04

  7. Brian
    Thanks to Google - the original Gold Lucky is now the Fine Palate chinky and is between Seafield Rd. & Westfield Lane, opposite the church.
    Best Prawn Fried Rice I ever tasted.

  8. god,,i remember the Himalaya one night,went with school pals all dolled up to look 18.I assumed as i had been weaned on businessmans lunches from a young age,and the fact i needed extra curry powder in my vesta packet curries.I was an expert.. asked for the hottest curry there, while pals needed help from the waiters. well ye can imagine the rest?.. no nippy erse for me next morning as i did not even manage a single mouthful !
    hell mend me for showing aff !!

    this threads made me hungry !!

    lesley g.

  9. Ah the Fine Palate - used to live up the road from it and Friday night was Hot Braised Prawn night , took a while to figure out that the thing that made it hot was the 15 or 20 sliced garlic cloves in it but it was damn good. Also always remember the guy behind the counter continually trying to sell us "pineyapple filters"

  10. my mate was the dj in the himalaya and he still does the djing

  11. the two djs in the himalaya in seagate were john coats and harry mudie have not seen john for a while dont know if he is still dj ing i still keep my hand in but mainly do my magic act these days as this pays the bills