Friday 25 November 2011


After a wee flurry sampling some of the gastronomic delights from around the eastern side of the globe - it's time to get back to a few of our own homely spots in town who served up delicious delicacies for those of us who weren't too concerned about our westernized diet.
Going in date order this time - the Keiller Restaurant ad is from 1963 and is for their place in the High Street, while reminding us where their other eateries were located.
The ad for Nelson's is dated 1965 and is for their shops in Nelson Street and the Wellgate. Although it was a confectioners, I think their place in the Wellgate may have had a wee corner sitting area.
You'll all be familiar with the T-Bone Steakhouse I bet - their joint doon Union Street. The ad is from 1977 and the place would be doing a roaring trade around this era.
Raffles in the Perth Road was a nice cheery restaurant/café that had a very good reputation for it's food and service.
I just thought I'd include this basic ad from 1984 to remind you of their logo.
The ad for Shepherd's and the Baked Tattie & Pizza House is conjoined because they both shared the same address in Perth Road. It's dated 1984 - so pre Peking.
The Brooklyn Diner ad is dated 1985, and its location was on the corner pf Panmure Street and Meadowside. Typical American-style food, and lots of neon lighting as part of its look. You could also hire the place for private functions too.
The Town House ad is a 1988 one and emphasizes their pub lunches - Farfir bridies an' a' that.
But can anyone remember what David did? It says Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays were music nights, but they don't put David's appearance in that category. So what was in store for everyone - did he come up to you and smash you in the face with a frying pan, or what??
Mondays and Tuesdays to be avoided??!!


  1. Loved Keiller's in the High Street. My grannie used to book the Christmas Day lunch there and insistted on the window seat so we could see the tree in the square. Happy memories.

  2. David didn't like Mondays

  3. 'Find out whats in store' sounds like he could be a tarot reader/psychic or something. Oh or he read palms.

  4. Good point anon, think you might be right there. Unless he was a shoplifter fae the Hulltoon takin orders fae Tesco in the Wellgate :)

  5. David was a psychic. Also a barman, hence the usual answer to his "What'll it be lads?" was "You tell me"...