Tuesday, 1 November 2011


The photo on top is of the bearded Alain Breitenbach (AKA Legrand) having a chinwag with the hair chewing Al Hendrickx.
This image was captured behind the scenes at Dundee's large-scale local play - "Witch's Blood".
Which "Witch's Blood" the picture was snapped at, I'm not sure, the original took place in 1987, but as you can see from the other item, a "Witch's Blood 2" happened in 1988.
The article itself is asking if anyone, ANYONE, is interested in mucking in, to get in touch.
Photo by The Bear.


  1. bats mullholland1 November 2011 at 06:28

    marcus fae better backwards on the left

  2. The gig in the tent in Dudhope was two days of varied stuff with me compering.
    Highlight was probably Dundee's Elvis gyrating until he knackered himself, wonderful unintended entertainment by the master of such, Wattie Reid.
    The Beavers did a set with as many people as we could get into the performance space.
    Conditions underfoot were soft.
    Jock F

  3. Did waiter waiter not play at this?

  4. Wee Jeng was in it too.

  5. adam 812 also played and BBWs

  6. this is ronnie jack, i was in witchs blood two in 1988, i was standing on the stage at the time the pic was taken, allan had heard the commotion from his house and came over to see what was going on and ended up staying there for a wee while. i put out this appeal here. there was an unofficial video made of witchs blood 2 1988 which was deemed unsuitable for selling to the public, it was done by a guy, gordon i think his name was who worked in the no longer. d r i. i and others got a copyy of it, but my copy was chewed up eventually by the vhs player i had at the time, . i have tried in vain to get a copy of it, newspapers, etc, but still draw a blank, i only want to borrow so i can put it on dvd for my own personal use. not for selling of anything like that. so if anyone has it and can lend me it, please contact me on 07403225575 thanks. ronnie.