Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Now that Christmas time is closing in on us all once again, some of you will no doubt be wondering what to buy off the record tokens you get. Problem solved - treat yourself to this AAGA CD.
The compilation called "The World Makes Me Sad Sometimes", on Rightback Records, is the first time a collection of AAGA's original 80's material has been given an official release, and so a good opportunity to hear for yourself why Factory Records wanted to showcase the band in Manchester at the time.
You'll know by now that I have featured many of  AAGA's cassettes on Retro, all displaying their homemade covers, well keeping the self assembly process going, here above is the CD cover when it was still work in progress at the design stage. The cover visuals were a joint effort by Mike Kane's daughter & son, with the AAGA logo the work of Dundee graphic artist, Nick Wright.
There is a site you can get an mp3 version of the album from - here is the link - 
It will of course be available on other sites soon too - iTunes and so on.
A new (old) video of AAGA has recently been put up on Youtube - you'll find it here - 
Finally, below is another reminder of the band's sound, this time from a gig at the Tayside Bar in 1984 -  catching AAGA in one of their more mellow moods.
A gig I was at too!
Thanks to Craig and Brian.


  1. Fantastic. Shivers down me spine!

  2. I was pissed as fuck and speeding out of my head at that gig..steve had flu and was on medication and totally sober...not a great start to a night ..suprised I could play the bass or guitar (debatable) ...as the sparrow said...no regrets...
    mike kane

  3. sounding very duran duran/ japan

  4. If you look carefully, you can see one of those WEM Copicat tape machines (or similar) going loop-de-loop in the background, obviously to give the vocals a nice bit of echo!

  5. we did use wem copicats ..I still do..and Joe , I was trying to copy Mick Karn...but don't tell anyone..if you still do guitar stuff ..get in touch !....need pick up fixed !!

  6. friend me on facebook vex, I still have a wem copycat in working nick too.

  7. the album is now on itunes

  8. I hate Itunes is that narsasitic or something ?

  9. Dear the bear - spotify takes longer and is more arbritary about inclusion so it may turn up or not. I have certainly sent it there as well as amazon, napster and last.fm. itunes as much as you or i hate them are really sorted, get the downloads up within a few days and pay on time!

  10. The Scrotes stuff is on Spotify Craig but jaysus, the sound quality's rough.
    Can you not tickle it up a bit?

  11. Jock, that's the laugh - it HAS been "tickled up" by Weasel Walter - he has a wiki page. To be honest, though, he was dealing with stoory auld knackered tapes stuck in a shoebox for nigh on thirty years....