Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Adamson & Son had this workshop/factory at 140 Arbroath Road.
It was a place I'd pass regularly as a schoolboy, but didn't have a clue what went on inside!
Well after recently finding an advert for them dating from 1970, I can now let it be known that in this Wire & Metal Workers building they called Riverview Works, they made a wide variety of items.
Their wire based products included - guards for windows, fires, fans and similar stuff - then there was fence enclosures for sports grounds, animal pens, works security etc and they also made more general items like baskets, sieves, trays and so on.
Their sheetmetal products included - lockers, bins, pipes, signs, storage tanks, things like that.
This picture of the premises was taken in March 1972 - but not long after, they had moved biz to Clepington Road and by around 1973/74 this building was demolished.
Photo by DC Thomson.

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