Wednesday, 2 November 2011


This is an acting troupe posing near the demolition site of the Tap O' The Steps pub on the corner of Hilltown/Victoria Road, sometime around the mid/late 80's.
That's Alison Burns far right, and possibly Derek Thomson far left but not too sure who the others in her company are.
Just wondering if this might be the group of actors who performed up at the DRCU in the Hilltown before Alison joined the more well known Wildcat cast.
All a bit hazy, but if you think you can supply further details, feel free to drop them into the comments.
Photo by The Bear.


  1. Is that not Billy Shaw ?

  2. no its peter grimes

  3. Don't think Alison was with Wildcat.
    Frances Carlin did a tour with them though.

  4. According to a 1988 issue of Street Life magazine, Alison appeared in a play called "In Traction" at the DRCU and it goes on to say that she "successfully auditioned for Wildcat and is to appear in their next show - which includes Dundee".
    That's what I used for a reference.

  5. I'll ask her but if she did join Wildcat, it's an honest mistake on my part.
    We're working together on some comedy pieces in January.
    It's over 20 years since we last worked together.

  6. Tap o the Steps was a fine fine pub and a few of us would drink in there prior to a wee wander to the Tayside Bar. Funnily in the late 70's early 80's and while the gangs were all going around again, the TOTS was a pub where a few Punks and Mods from the schemes would meet for a few before hitting the Tayside and then town. Fine hole it was too.

  7. The lanky dude is def. Grimes I remember seeing him do a one man play at Dudhope Arts Centre. Quite like the "dinna a' look at the camera" school of photography though.


  8. Bill cassidy, clair ? .lenny ? peter grimes and alison burns.
    this was defo not a wildcat production..

    and Uncle Puss.. geeze a joab :)

    lesley g.

  9. Hullo Lesley.
    I dinna hae any jobs tae gie.
    Even the good times are bad just now.
    I am reduced to eating stour.
    Serves me right.

  10. Hey Jock
    interesting you and Alison working together , is this going to be in Fife , Dundee or a wee tour ?...if you are thinking small venue's I would try and help with a Rep gig...even if it was late night restaurant / bar gig ...still holds couple of hundred..if you are interested that is.
    mike kane

  11. Thanks Mike but it is not for this country!

  12. Why no this country? Come on Jock 'wha else is like us'?

  13. Wasn't Peter Grimes konwn as "Ged" or is my memory playing tricks?