Thursday, 3 November 2011


A couple of snapshots showing a section of the Hilltown taken around the mid/late 70's.
On the top photo, the photographer was standing in Stirling Street looking over at a few shops near the corner of North George Street.
The dark terracotta coloured premises on the left is The Auld Dundee Pie Shop owned by David Wallace. Next door is G.Page, shoe repairs. The small stone building with the large chimney stacks is Robert Gibb who was a joiner/DIY supplies shop, and the store catching the sunlight on the corner is the Co-Op.
This small group of buildings is still there today, although the shops are now different.
On the other photograph, however, the buildings further up past the Auld Dundee Pie Shop, have all been demolished.
Photos from Gordon C.


  1. whats the Co-op now?

  2. New & second hand furniture store last time i past, also did Lino @ one time :)

  3. I'm sure also @ one time Gibb's shop was a record exchange type of thing, not very busy but sometimes you could unearth a gold nugget if you "raked aboot" enough :)

  4. so is the Shakey up or doon fae those pics ?

  5. In the gap between the Peh Shop and the tenament there used to be a granny took me to a wedding there to hand over a horse-shoe.
    The Shakey is further up the road and stands next to the demolished tenament.

    Love the warm colour in all these pics of old Dundee you are putting up GG.

  6. That would be Bonnethill Church, the front of which you can make out in the lower picture.

  7. Bridie is right, Orwell.
    The Shakey is further up the "Hull".
    (guid fotays, GG.)

  8. Cheers , I remembered it being across from Burnsides i think. or maybe they were a wee bit further down. Do remember getting told when things not in stock to jump on the #22 to their other shop in the West Port