Monday 28 November 2011


Continuing with the fuel theme (minus coal) here's a few bits & pieces from the past you may remember.
First up is a 1968 photo of the Shell & BP Scotland depot down at the Stannergate. This was a modern installation at the time and had a total storage capacity of 9,000 tons. 8 delivery tankers could be filled simultaneously. Not a place to visit if you smoked!
"High Speed Gas" was a slogan used by the Scottish Gas Board, with the ad above dating from 1968, and a reminder that the Dundee showroom could be found in the Overgate.
You didn't need to have coal to have a fireplace of course, and by the mid 80's, imitating real coal fires was a popular alternative. The next 2 ads competing with each other selling these effect fires are both dated 1986 - Dundee's Fireplace Boutique in North Street and the Fire Surround Centres in Arbroath Road & Broughty Ferry.
Finally, yet another alternative fuel was paraffin, and this badge of mine goes way back to the 60's. No idea if the wee earless elephant creature had a name, but the freak didn't seem to put people off buying the pink stuff!


  1. The tanker in the top picture looks as if it's lurking there, waiting for Dennis Weaver to drive past...

  2. Was it no Pongo of Pink Parafin?

  3. Bum bum bum bum Esso Blue!

  4. OMG! So it was the Fireplace Boutique that was the culprit for all those ghastly Fyfestone Fireplaces!
    I've used a sledgehammer on two already!