Monday, 7 November 2011

2 WM LOW ADS - 1963/80

A couple of adverts for Wm Low who had a few shops/supermarkets dotted around town - locations such as the Overgate, Perth Road, Lochee and Broughty Ferry.
Top ad is from 1963 and the other is 1980.
Their wee red logo is quite similar to the Keep Britain Tidy symbol.


  1. A well-run Dundee company that got swallowed up by the Tesco monster. I don't think Tesco had a store in Scotland until they took over Willie Low's. It must have been a hard decision for the retiring owner.

  2. Although I don't think they were as common before the takeover, they definitely had stores, even in Willie Lows' home in Dundee.

    There was one in the Wellgate Centre during the 80s (possibly one of the original occupants of the centre when it opened in the late 70s?).

    At the time of the takeover they also had a large, relatively new store at Dundee Riverside.