Thursday, 10 November 2011


This image of Craigiebank Post Office in Arbroath Road appeared in the local press in February 1983.
The reason it was receiving attention back then was because the place was robbed.
I have a hazy memory of this and think this may have been the time when a guy was hiding in a recess around the back of the shops, then when the owner was letting himself in - he leapt out and did his "Get the loot out of the safe" introduction.
Looks like the robber also made off with the "EM" from the chemist and the "I" from the chip shop - then possibly started up a mediocre record company!
I'm pretty sure this P.O. has been done more than once during its history.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. What I like about this photo is that, unlike recent RetroDundee updates, most of the buildings/shop-fronts shown here have remained more or less the same in the past 30 years (save for slight cosmetic changes and changes in ownership) - no knocking them down for the sake of "landscaping" or whatever. Let's hope it stays that way!

  2. The shop with no sign had been a butcher's, now another fast-food shop. An application for a 3rd one was rejected by the council a couple of years ago. Retro may have a copy of an earlier photo taken in the sixties, with the original signage, all in a uniform style that was very pleasing to the eye.

    The bank that was originally in that block (to the left of the photo) moved along to where it stands today, on the site of an old "Johnsons' Stores"(?) supermarket. That bank was also robbed about 10 or 15 years ago, though by a more professional gang, probably from out-of-town.

  3. My grandfather was postmaster at craigiebank po when it was robbed and it was horrendous how they actually done it.