Thursday, 1 April 2010


A "Cranked Up" double review of Haircut 100's Caird Hall gig in '82.
One who loathed it, and one who liked it!
You'll see on the middle item showing the tour dates that the Dundee gig was originally planned to take place at the Barracuda, but I suppose the venue was probably considered too small to cope with the demand, so had to resort swiftly to plan B!.
The Haircut 100 programme got a bit of a bollocking, so thought I'd include that offending item too!!
Support act was The Bluebells.
Not sure if Haircut 100 are still on the go 30 years on, but surely after the passing of time, they would now have to consider changing their name to Hairpiece 100..!!
To read the review - click it to enlarge.


  1. Sad to relate, I taught Nick Heyward History at school. Obviously served him well in his pop career! Thought he was still gigging - not sure about the others though.

    Best wishes, always enjoy your posts - I spent a year as a student teacher in Dundee.


  2. Saw Nick Heyward support Squeeze at Caird Hall about 15 years ago, he held the door open for me as i went to see the main act begin their set,polite man.