Sunday, 11 April 2010


Sid Gripple grapples with what's happening on the fashion front for Dundee in 1982, and comes up with a rather gloomy outlook.
The main problem being that High Street chain stores churned out clones and there were no individual fashion shops of note, leaving Dundonians lagging behind other cities.
An observation I agree with.
Shops that get a Cranked Up "thumbs down" are - Chelsea Girl, Top Man, Virgo & Nico.
Dundonians who get a "thumbs up" are - members of the band Waiter Waiter, and Morag from Alien culture.
Back then, I was basically just a jeans & t-shirt chap mostly, although I must admit, I did favour, and indulged in, the post punk anti-fashion trend. Youths deliberately shunning the main chain stores and choosing to rummage around charity shops & jumble sales instead.
As well as being a bit of a statement, this anti-fashion look, in an ironic twist, then became quite fashionable itself!
I would occasionally enhance the Oxfam look by adding some Millets chic to it!
There was also a certain "skint student" logic to it - that being, the less you spent on clothes, the more dosh you'd have for booze!!
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