Thursday, 15 April 2010


Here's 3 examples of black & white footwear I wore in 1970-73.
1970 - One thing I really enjoyed was getting home from school, chucking off my school gear and slipping into my jeans and basies. Perfect for just mucking about in. In fact I think I probably got through about 4 pairs of Baseball Boots in total!
1972 - I got a pair of Adidas Samba trainers originally for doing P.E. at school, however it wasn't too long before I started wearing them out of school. These were actually my first ever example of wearing trainers as a fashion item.
1973 - The Spats were pricey and my parents had a fit..."You can't wear them to school". I did though, once they calmed down!! Dead comfy, I wore them on my early morning rolls round, trekked up to the top of the Sidlaws on a school outing, and trudged through snow & slush at the 73 Cup Final at Hampden!!


  1. The Baseball boots were all we got to wear in Carolina House, but I saved up my money picking berries in the summer of 72, and bought a pair of white Adidas.
    Nowadays the Basies are called Converse and cost a fortune.I also had a pair of George Best shoes.

  2. I think Retro Dundee just went back in a time machine and raided my wardrobe as I had the lot.

  3. The posh name for these Spats is Oxford Brogues. In my mind though, I always thought of them as looking dead Scottish. They reminded me of bagpipers shoes. I tried to emphasize this by wearing Argyle socks with them!!