Tuesday, 20 April 2010


A new variant of the V-neck jersey cropped up on the scene during the mid 70's.
It was referred to as a high waist jersey, or as us Dundonians called it "a heh waister".
The design was based on an extension to the size of the waistband and cuffs.
The really exaggerated ones would have the waistband go right up to just below the chest area with the cuffs nearly reaching the elbows.
These jersey's would usually have hoops around the waist & cuffs too which would emphasize the look, normally 4 or 5 bands, like the one in my graphic above.
But as you can see in the photo, this dude is wearing a whopping 6 banded beast!

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  1. Very similar to the 3 star jumpers of the same time. . .Look up ( Wigan's ovation )and you will see a picture.