Tuesday, 13 April 2010


There was a fad started up in the early 80's amongst UK's fashion conscious youth - wearing your gear inside out!
Fleecy t-shirts in particular were popular during the craze, showing off the chunky seams that would normally be hidden away on the inside.
They were also deliberately cut rough around the neck, giving them a homemade look, although chopping up t-shirts was something I used to do anyway!
This tag above comes from a fleecy t-shirt I bought in Edinburgh back in the early 80's. I kept it because it had a cartoon character on it I wasn't familiar with! The garment was made by the "Naughty Clothing Co" of London. The flip side of the tag is designed like a postcard and mentions "wearing the fluffy side out".
I also remember Dexy's Midnight Runners wearing their trousers inside out... well I didn't go as far as that!

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