Wednesday, 7 April 2010


As far as I know, Dundee has no "fashion week" like other cities around the world do, so to compensate for this, I thought I'd indulge in a retro fashion theme, which I reckon should turn out to last more like a fortnight!
The 3 decades will be represented, and I'm sure many of the items will make you smile, while others may make you cringe!
Anyway, what better place to start than the 60's, when fashion was "out-of-this-world!"
Being at primary school in the 60's meant I usually only wore clothes that were grey or navy blue. Once out of school however, I did get to dress more in keeping with the times. So I had things like a paisley pattern shirt, psychedelic kipper tie, 2-tone trousers, Chelsea boots, cravat, white polo neck, corduroy shoes, and so on. Quite cool for a 12 year old!
When it came to the really "way-out" gear though, well that was usually the domain of pop stars who appeared on Top Of The Pops each week. Not the sort of stuff you'd find in Dundee's shops, but it was certainly doing a roaring trade in London back then when it seemed to be the centre of the universe!
For examples of 60's pop dress sense, check out these pages above taken from my 1967 Monkees annual. Not just flowery shirts, but flowery troosers!!
Click images to enlarge.
And below, a clip from the 60's of Dundee's very own fab & groovy gals dancing in the Haparanda.
Outta sight..!!

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