Tuesday, 13 April 2010


A glimpse into what was on offer for the clubber in 1977.
This page of ads is from "Blues & Soul" magazine, so would have been aimed at disco dancers and soul boys.
There's the draw-string jacket, zipped sweatshirt, tab pocket shirt, Hawaiian shirt, zoot trousers, pleated denim bags, soul bags (40 inchers!), and a variety of shoes.
I remember having a pair of those round toecap shoes in 1975. I can recall the exact year because I went to my first ever Northern Soul night that year, when I was 17. This was at a place called Poulton-Le-Fylde, near Blackpool. All that swishing and swirling on the dancefloor was an amazing sight!
I also remember throughout the mid/late 70's, the Dundee soul boys setting off on their allnighters with their sports bags covered in patches like a well travelled suitcase - "Keep The Faith" - "Night Owl" - "Wigan Casino" etc.
It was easy to get hooked on this scene because the music was so powerful,.However, I never became a Wigan or soul devotee, mainly because I liked a variety of music styles and fashion trends.
Youth culture in general.
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